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We are a safe, supportive and culture based space for Lakota youth to socialize, explore their options and move confidently into a positive future.

We believe that our youth deserve

  • To be respected                             

  • To be loved

  • To have a safe place to grow & develop

  • To have a chance to learn Lakhota culture and language

  • To have a positive support system

Image by Christin Hume

You are not alone-

we offer practical resources, training and support.  From health services to educational social and cultural programs, we can help.

Image by Vignesh Kumar R B
The Standing Rock Sioux Reservation covers 2.3 million acres with 9 different schools in 9 communities, in two states.

Iyuha Acu Youth Services is the only culturally centered non-profit youth organization concentrating on young adults ages 13- 24 who live on the reservation.  

Monday-Friday Schedule

4:30 Circle group, smudge, prayer, song, check-in

4:45 Leisure time- (beading, sewing, internet, tv)

6:00 Spirit food- Pray and eat (youth do own dishes)

6:30  Leisure time

7:00  Language or Cultural Activity

8:30 Evening prayer, smudge and wopila song

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