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Our Team

Iyuha Acu Youth Services is aimed to serve the youth on the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe with a safe environment to socialize, learn Lakota culture, language, along with helping young adults get directed with basic human needs services to live a healthy life.  Our Team is dedicated to fulfilling our mission through conscientious leadership while exhibiting the same values we expect from our youth.


To provide the youth on Standing Rock Sioux Tribe a safe place to learn Lakhota/ Dakhota culture & language, engage socially, and also provide a temporary place to reside.


No youth on Standing Rock Sioux Tribe will be homeless, or be with-out access to basic human needs and services.

Hoksila White Mountain

Founder and Director
Standing Rock Sioux

Hoksila has a Bachelor's degree in Social Work. He understands that the next generation will carry our traditions, ceremonies, and language to the 7 generations after us. He is dedicating his life's work to our youth as the future.

Sage Trudell.JPG

Sage Trudell

Assistant Director
Cheyenne River Sioux

Sage has worked as an advocate for Missing and Murdered Relatives, as well as victims of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault. She is also a Tribal Legal LAY Advocate.  Sage has turned her goals towards the protection, education and empowerment of the Youth.


Memorie White Mountain


Cheyenne River Sioux

Memorie has an  Associates of Science degree and a Bachelors of Early Education degree.  Active in the community, she currently serves as the Executive Director of the Mni Wichoni Nakicizin Wounspe (Defenders of the Water School).  Memorie's passion is to help create a better place for our youth to succeed in a safe and cultural environment within our community.


Kash Traversie


Cheyenne River Sioux

"At Iyuha Acu, there is  always a place to go chill out or at least play games.”

~Michael A.

Teen Member

Nehamiah "Miah" Brown

Cheyenne River Sioux

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