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To provide the youth on Standing Rock Sioux Tribe a safe place to learn Lakhota/ Dakhota culture & language, engage socially, and also provide a temporary place to reside.


No youth on Standing Rock Sioux Tribe will be homeless, or be with-out access to basic human needs and services.

Who We Are & Why We Matter

Iyuha Acu Youth Services Center is located in McLaughlin, SD.  We aim to serve the youth on the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe with a safe environment to socialize and learn Lakhota Dakhota culture and language. We also help these young adults get directed with basic human needs services to live a healthy life. We serve as a "drop in resource"  from 10:00 AM-3:00 PM and then as the teen center from 3:30-8:00 PM. Learn More...

The Standing Rock Sioux Reservation covers 2.3 million acres with 9 different schools in 9 communities, in two states. Iyuha Acu Youth Services is the only culturally centered non-profit youth organization concentrating on young adults ages 13- 24 who live here.  

Our Strategy

We believe that when youth feel safe, have their basic needs met, and learn to live by Lakhota-Dakhota values, they will have a strong foundation to become strong adults.
Iyuha Acu Youth Services staff are strong positive role models and help ensure that all youth who utilize the facility have access to:
  • A safe place to socialize
  • Mental, Physical, and Spiritual health services
  • Education Opportunities
  • Employment opportunities
  • Basic Necessities
  • Independent living skills
  • Wifi
  • Computer Access

Our Values

While utilizing the Iyuha Acu Youth Services youth are expected to conduct themselves in a way that reflects the Lakhota values.  These Values were given to the Lakhota Oyate to help guide them how to live their lives in accordance with spiritual law.  Through assimilation many families no longer know these values. 

It is Iyuha Acu Youth Services expectation that all youth utilizing the facility strive to exhibit these values for other youths and the community:



All youth are expected to first respect themselves.  By doing this they set the standard in how people deal with them.  Youth are encouraged to exhibit self-respect

All youth utilizing the facility are expected to demonstrate respect towards their fellow youth and staff.

Respect is also expected to be exhibited towards the facility and property being utilized by youth. This is to ensure property can be used by others.



Youth should demonstrate generosity by sharing and ensuring all others have equal access to utilize facilities, and equipment at facility.



Exhibiting integrity includes:

Practicing good personal ethics and self control

Being thoughtful of others

Being dependable

Being responsible for self and actions

Practicing patience

Being self-aware of personal needs and behaviors

Being trustworthy

Keeping confidentiality of others

Leading by example, showing good leadership skills

Being accountable for one’s self

Standing up for what is right (even if it means being ridiculed) 



Youth will demonstrate compassion for others in facility.


Compassion includes no gossiping and ensuring others feel safe while at the facility.


Youth will exhibit compassion by also not sharing any personal information about other students without permission.



Allowing others the space we expect others to give us

Not being in a rush



Always being truthful with others


Practicing honest behavior



Put others first

Admit mistakes

Open to others opinons

Let others work without being disrupted

Tend to others needs

Self reflect



Practice good decision making skills

Have forward thinking. Think of consequences of actions



Bravery is not the act of being without fear but rather moving forward while still having fear.



Exhibiting strength in the face of adversity or difficulty.

Having emotional power and ability to withstand adversity.

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